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Miniature 1FormC 1H-1T13J/1H-1T23J/1H-1T53J/1H-1T13J/1H-1T23J/1H-1T53J

Product Descriptions

The 1H-1T series is a Miniature Surface Mount reed relay which achieves a higher contact rate, small mounting area and high reliability using 1 Form C configuration, by implementing our well-known 1 Form A + 1 Form B technology.

The standard magnetic field feature reduces magnetic interference and is suitable for a high density board. Ideal for ATE, measurement equipment and telecommunications.

– J-Lead Configuration(Axial, Gull-wing also available, please ask)
– 5Watt Contact Rate, 50V Switching capable
– 300 x 10⁶ cycle

1H-2T Series Catalog Pages

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