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1H-4A Series 1H-4Ax8G

The 1H-4A series is configured in small surface mount package with 4 channels. Inside, each channel has 50Ω coaxial shield and extend Superior RF performance from DC to 8GHz. This 4FormA configuration will also provide you higher DC current capability. – Coil Voltage 5.0 and 12.0V – Reflow Temperature EIA STD J-STD-020D – RF Performance up to 8.0GHz – Reliability 300 million over

1H 2FormA Series 1H-2M12G/1H-2M22G

The 1H 2 Form A Series was especially designed for high performance T-circuit design required by the ATE market. The difference between this series and 3H series is that the former is capable of keeping open state during system calibration. As an added feature, the two switches are configured within the relay as a single package, minimizing the physical length of the stub.

High Frequency 13GHz 1H-16A

1H-16A enables higher RF performance, up to 13GHz. This relay was developed for the ATE industry’s demand, and is able to correspond to ATE loads 2X and 3X. – RF Performance up to 13GHz – Impedance 50Ω – Reliability over 300 million operations minimum – 1FormA / Axial only


The 1H-14G-60 is a variant of 1H-14G, and consists of a high frequency characteristic that extends up to 6GHz range. This relay fulfills the need for 1 Form A to achieve 3.2 Gb/s on PCB mounting level. This product is in mass production for markets requiring extremely high volume orders, such as the ATE market.


The 1H-12G Series was specially developed as a low cost alternative to memory inspection systems. In order to effectively reduce costs, the number of leads on each ground was reduced. With proven tracks of reliability, cost performance and manufacturing capacity, we have been providing this series to the major memory inspection system companies. * Axial, J-Lead, and other options available, please contact our sales department.

Standard 1H Series 1H-x4A/1H-x4G/1H-x4J

As a standard for Sanyu SMT relays, the 1H Series has been widely accepted by the ATE, telecommunications, and instrument markets. A variety of package styles such as Axial, Gull-Wing, and J-Lead are produced to best suite your application needs. – RF Performance up to 4GHz – Impedance 50Ω – UL Certified * 6GHz version, other options available, please contact our sales department.

1H Low Profile Series 1H-14G-70/1H-14J-70

Development philosophy with inherited reliability and assembly capacity of the 1H Series was put into succession of the 1H Low Profile Series. Gull-Wing and J-Lead achieved low height of 4.1mm. This Series is already in mass production for the ATE, telecommunications, and other instrument markets with great acceptance for low height and reliability.

1H-2T Series 1H-2Tx8G/J/1H-2T18G/1H-2T28G 1H-2T18J/1H-2T28J

Sanyu has released for the ATE Pin-Electronics differentialresponsibility reed relays. One SMT package effects assemblyspace saved 25% compared with Sanyu existing SMT product line.Compared to transfe...

Miniature 1FormC 1H-1T13J/1H-1T23J/1H-1T53J/1H-1T13J/1H-1T23J/1H-1T53J

The 1H-1T series is a Miniature Surface Mount reed relay which achieves a higher contact rate, small mounting area and high reliability using 1 Form C configuration, by implementing our well-known 1 Form A + 1 Form B technology. The standard magnetic field feature reduces magnetic interference and is suitable for a high density board. Ideal for ATE, measurement equipment and telecommunications. – J-Lead Configuration(Axial, Gull-wing also available, please ask) – 5Watt Contact Rate, 50V Switching capable – 300 x 10⁶ cycle

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